Commercial Refrigeration

When your business runs a commercial refrigeration system and you’re constantly paying for equipment maintenance and repairs, it’s easy to see your profits freeze. And it happens even faster when you have to pay your refrigeration mechanic an expensive call-out fee just so he’ll show up to repair your system…again! It just doesn’t seem fair.

Well, we don’t think it’s fair either. That’s why, when you contract us to manage and maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment, you’ll never be slugged a call-out fee, ever. At Coldstream Industrial Services, we believe in prevention. While some technicians will only fix the part of the system that’s failed, our technicians will find the cause of the failure and repair it properly so it won’t be a problem again. You’ll also find our team friendly, and our service and maintenance rates highly competitive.

43 years experience in commercial refrigeration

With over 40 years experience in all aspects of commercial refrigeration, you’ll find us a great team to have on side to take care of all your refrigeration design, installation, maintenance and service needs. Our team of technicians are fully qualified and skilled to deal with commercial refrigeration systems in cold stores in wholesale, retail and manufacturing environments, and to work safely with the full range of gasses, including all Freon:  R22, R404A, R507 and R134A.

Energy efficiency is our focus

Energy and operating efficiency is our focus, so we’re always looking for ways to reduce our customers’ costs through better system design and management. Over the years we have installed numerous CO2 refrigeration systems, we were able to provide our customers with an immediate cut in energy consumption – and in the current climate of rising power costs, that’s important news.

A similar result was achieved when we were contracted for the complete replacement of a large scale R22 refrigeration system, this system was replaced with a highly energy efficient Volatile CO2 refrigeration system, warm glycol was used to defrost all the freezer coils & to keep the freezer floors warm. The energy savings began the moment the new system was turned on.

Call one of our energy management specialists to discuss the possible savings you can expect to see.

If you run an Industrial refrigeration or commercial refrigeration system or cold store in any industry and you’re looking for a better, more reliable team to design, install, monitor, manage or service your system, just click here to get started.